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A complementary medicine centre offering a holistic approach to screening, testing and diagnostics... complemented by the latest in bio-medical treatment devices, with a full range of herbal, nutritional, homeopathic and specialist remedies also available.

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The name Corpus Naturalis is derived from latin and literally means Natural Body. At our clinic we strive for natural solutions for conditions and utilize everything from Amazon herbs to frequency machines in our quest for restoring health. Combining the various elements of naturopathy with the new cutting edge technology of bioenergetic medicine, we tailor each treatment protocol to the individual's needs. Supporting the body, restoring its balance and eliminating the sources of an illness are the clinic's three keystones of therapeutic approach.

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In a world increasingly dominated by toxins, additives, bacteria and stress there are new variants of conditions, such as auto-immune disease, cancer, Lyme disease and intestinal tract upsets, every year. Many clients today need their cellular function and 'bio-terrain' brought back to a better balance before chronic conditions can be addressed. We have the experience to do this.

We offer screening and testing before treatment and can supply some of the top, niche supplements from all over the world. In addition to remedies and supplements we utilise the full panoply of the relatively new field of bioenergetic medicine. This includes Infra Red devices. Rife machines. Toroidal magnetic machines, Molecular Hydrogen, Singlet Oxygen and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Devices (PEMF). Please do visit our therapy pages and feel free to contact us for any questions or advice.